• Intimate, Luxurious & Exclusive. Immerse yourself in an exquisite private cinema experience starting from AED 1,800 ONLY.

  • Indulge your inner superstar by booking one of Roxy's movie theatres for a private screening of your favorite film.

  • Private screenings let you take Roxy's famous VIP cinema experience to another level of personalized perfection and are great for family events, work gatherings or off-site.

  • Movie fans can book their own blockbuster and invite an audience of close friends and family, or even choose to have a super-exclusive screening all by themselves!

  • Available at each Roxy Cinemas throughout Dubai, private screenings are the best way to enjoy the magic of the movies in true film star style.

  • Each private screening comes with Roxy's great selection of gourmet food options and tasty cinema snacks.

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